What some of our guests had to say...

"Thanks for the hospitality. I had a wonderful time in Cali. The girls were beautiful and the place is amazing (not only the house, but the region in general). My only regret is that it happened too quick. Apparently time does fly when you're having fun. Just hope you'll be in business for the long run, because this type of vacation is the ideal getaway for guys like me. The activities were great. I never thought I'd jump from a mountain like that, but hey, you only live once, right? Gotta experience as much as possible while you can. And I had plenty of experiences during the trip. Many memories in my head right now. I have to have some more. I'm afraid I might become addicted to these trips. The idea of getting my own little place over there doesn't seem so out of question. Something I have to consider though. For the time being, I'll gladly use your place for debauchery purposes lol. You're going to be seeing a lot of me in the future, and my friends as well, so just be prepared. Thanks again, have a good one."

Dave - Houston

"What can I say? What a vacation! I turned fantasy into reality. I had a great PSE with a true pro, she clearly loves what she does. On top of that, a bunch of other hot chicas all to myself. We had a great time hanging out with the girls in Cali. I will be going back sometime in the summer for a longer stay, I was trying it out this time, to be honest. You delivered and passed with flying colors my friend. I actually regret not having planned to stay more days. Next time we'll go to the lake and rent a couple of jetskis. There wasn't enough time on this trip. Anyway, thank you for everything and hope all is well."

Robert - Miami

"I must admit Frank and I were a little skeptical before making the reservation. It was actually our mutual friend who put in a good word for you and convinced us to book the trip. We agree that it was the right decision and worth every penny. Even though it rained on the first day (which kinda sucked), Ximena and Nicol kept us nice and warm. We completely forgot about the weather outside. We liked that you can choose the women you want for the day as you're choosing breakfast from the menĂº. The house, the maid, the chef, the service were all on point. And your attention as host is great, you can tell you genuinely want every guest satisfied. Overall, the experienc was great, we expected it to be more methodical, including the ladies and their companionship, but in the end it truly felt like we had gone to an old friend's house in Colombia to party with sexy girls. Very relaxed, very private, very intimate. All of the ladies were very sweet and pleasing. It would be nice if they could learn a little more english, or I could learn spanish. But for the things that mattered most, the messages were understood just fine. We have a friend who is getting married in July and your place is ideal for the bachelor party, so as soon as we know how many of us are confirmed for the trip, I'll let you know so we can make the reservation. I can say that there will be 4 of us for sure, but that number may increase, so I'll let you know the exact number when I get it. I'll contact you in a couple of weeks, thanks for everything and I'll see you in July."

Chris - Miami

"Words cannot describe how glad I am this place exists. I've visited other resorts like this before, mostly in the DR, but the experience in yours is different, much more personal. I love that. The place never felt crowded with other guests or staff members, it was only me, my friends, and beautiful girls. Awesome. The only drawback that I can think of is that the flight is a little longer, but its worth it. That said, you have a pretty good concept going on. I just hope you keep it this way and don't start occupying every single room in the house. I really liked the discretion and the personalized attention, those are a big plus from the service. Until next time. Cheers!"

Jeff - New York

"Waking up to beautiful girls and the view of your house is something unreal. I'm still thinking about it. Can't really remember when was the last time I felt so relaxed and pampered. It was like pushing a reset button on my brain. I've been talking to some of the girls through whatsapp and they keep asking when I'm coming back. With that kind of persuasion, how can one resist???"

John - Chicago

"I just wanted to share my experience and feedback in response to your friendly request. I had never been to Colombia, so I really had no idea what to expect. I had heard all the hype about Colombian women from guys at work, so I wanted to check it out for myself. My hope was that at least the companions were going to be the same ones as in the pictures. I was relieved as soon as I walked out of the airport and met Paula in the car. She looked better in person. From that point, I was more relaxed and eager to get to the resort. The ride to the resort is OK, about 45 minutes, not too long, but not fast enough. Glad the girls were there for the ride. I was a little thrown off right before arriving at the resort, when you make the first turn to get off the main road. I couldn't really picture the resort being there, given the surroundings, but after the second turn when we started going downhill, I saw the house with the mountain backdrop and I felt relief again. Very nice view. The welcome at the house was great. Everything was clean and organized. Nice meal on arrival and then off to take care of business with the ladies. Their service was exquisite. I don't know if it applies to all Colombian women, but it seemed to me they are all very happy to please their man. At least all of the ones I was with had this attitude, much to my delight. The things they say about these ladies are accurate. They're hot, pleasing, and very fun to hang out with. I'm not much of an outdoors person, that's why in between sessions I preferred to watch a good movie or basketball game. The Premium DirecTV is a great feature. Didn't miss any of the games I wanted to see, felt like I was wathcing TV at home. I was very comfortable throughout my stay. Once I got over the anxiety from not knowing what to expect, I was able to relax, unwind, and fully enjoy the experience. I would reccomend this vacation to anyone. It truly refreshes your mind, body and spirit. Makes you feel young again. I will certainly be returning at least once again this year. I hope this note was helpful. Have a great day."

Allan - Boca Raton

"Just got back home and wanted to say thanks for the attention. Everything was great, the place, the food, and of course, the girls. Specially the girls. Its not only the quality, but the QUANTITY as well. I honestly didn't think I'd have the energy to handle so many girls in such short time. And the fivesome? Well, that was just retarded LOL. I'll get the timing better next time I visit. Which will be pretty soon. Next time I'm going with a buddy of mine who I know is going to be hooked for sure, he loves this kind of vacation. Again, thanks for everything man, I had a blast, keep it up, I'll be contacting you soon."

Steve - Tampa